How to Choose LED Flexible Strip for Living Room Decoration ?

15 martie 2011

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The ceiling and roof of the living room are white,colorful high-power LED spotlights beneath the ceiling and LED flexible strips around the ceiling. Is it suitable to use colorful LED strips ?

Will not give the feeling of clutter?There is TV with a wall box with colorful lights around the election of the right, is it ok ?

If not appropriate, then what color LED strip light can match the color of wallpaper?

Answers:I support colorful LED spotlights, this can heighten the atmosphere, but around the ceiling, common energy saving downlights are ok, or else it will reduce the effects of video wall spotlights.

I do not support using colorful Flexible LED strips light around TV wall box, because th e colors of TV wall will be reduced. My advice is choose the colors like apple green or sky blue.

If the color of the LED Strips look alike the color of TV film wall , then it can be fine. Because this can highlight the effect of the video wall itself.

LED strips light

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