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18 martie 2011

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1)RGB LED strips controller(Jump)

This is one kind very good jump LED strip controller with mature technology, high quality and competitive price. It can control 1248 ~ 5000 leds, each Flexible LED strips can be controlled individually. The color mode is programmed by the software, and several controllers can cooperate together to display a plane with any dimension.

1,Each control can be combines to show overall animation and link unlimited LED tube.
2,Each controller can be individually set the speed and pattern choice.
3,Through a host computer or a controller controlled by another host computer, we can change patterns and speed without having to set up by each controller.
4,Each controller can control 1248~5000 LEDs.
5,Overall animation/single controller can reach up to 29000 steps.
6,network synchronous, reliable and stable.
7,synchronized refresh (play), high-speed, up to 100HZ.
8,Special LED animation design software dedicated to support animation design, you can easily design any animation, such as: text, graphics, changing, etc.
9,with console operating software for real-time on the computer to change the pattern and speed of each controller.
10,Reliable performance, circuit design and optimized protection design.
11,High quality and competitive price.

2)Gradient LED Strips controller

This is one kind of very mature, stable, bright LED gradient controller. It can control 1440 LEDs separately/ each can create 16 grades colors, the overall effect is soft, smooth, dreamy, no flash. Many controllers can be combined to create a plane with any dimension.

1. The gradient controller has all the functions of 7-color (jump) LED strips controller.
2. large-capacity memory design.
3. with a 16-level gradient (gray) control function, can make the animation more beautiful and colorful.
4.Advanced gradient optimization technique, soft gradient effect, smooth transition andflicker-free .
5. High refresh rate, 100HZ per-screen playback.
6, Single gradient controller can control 30 led tubes, that is 1440 LEDs.
7, Multiple joint network controller can control unlimited quantity LED lamp.
8. The controller can be network synchronous or power synchronous, the synchronization is accurate and reliable.
9, Can display any animation, graphics, text, patterns and other effects.
10. The circuit uses high speed, highly integrated processor-based design, very reliable.
11. Professional LED gradient design software and convenient console operating software.

3) CF card LED strip Light Controller

CF card LED strip light controller uses CE card to store patterns, CF card has hot-swappable, high capacity, easy to replace, fast, stable, and other advantages. The user can replace the project has been installed lighting patterns. The following are examples of lighting engineering company has installed the LED advertising, after running a few months, the user require to change patterns, then the practices are as follows:

1, using design software to create the effect.
2, Output LED file.
3, COPY the file into the computer LED strip CF card.
4, Express CF card to the user allowed to replace the old CF card.

Then the new effect has been updated. Functions as follows:

1, using standard CF card for the pattern memory.
2, CF card is easy to buy, cheap, large capacity, small size, hot-swappable, easy to replace.
3 Support 16-level gradient (Symphony, Gray) 7 pure colors change.
4, with massive patterns, the number of patterns is depending on the capacity of CF card, lager capacity, more patterns.
5, each gradation controller can control 30 led tubes (1440 LED) / Each controller can control 96 led tubes (4608 LED).
6, More than one controller can be combined to form a whole show display plane.
7, using more than one controller to access the network synchronization, synchronous reliable and stable.
8, Special animation design software, users can design / edit / update the animation.
9,Can facilitate the design of any kind of animation, such as: text, graphics, changes, Symphony, etc.
10,Provide cheap CF card reader, free driver, free installation, support WIN98/WIN2K/WINXP/WIN2003.

4) Universal Flexible LED strips Controllers

1, with LCD screen to display the current pattern, speed, tube counts.
2, with 3 function keys to select the pattern, speed, tube counts.
3, a controller can connect up to 2700 tubes, each tube has 16 sets RGB.
4,Built-in more than 20 commonly used LED effects, such as colorful mobile, colorful convection, staggered back, and colorful transformation.
5,with power-down feature settings memoerization, restart the controller, you can remember the settings before shutting down, no need to repeat Set.

5) Cylindrical Audio Voice LED strips controller (Spectrum)

According to the input of the audio / music rhythm, generating a corresponding geometric LED jump, similar to the musical fountain. Especially for karaoke, stage, dance halls, bars and other entertainment use, to generate the dynamic changes with the music spectrum LED effect. Audio LED strip controller has two categories: single-stage and multi-segment. They are different in number of output frequency, and other characteristics:

1, The controller changes the output based on the spectrum, so the effect of the output of the LED strip lights is not the rhythm of the volume size,so as to avoid common problem of ordinary voice controller.
2, The frequency of Flexible LED strips jump is unlimited , you can connect any quantity of lamps .
3, The range of frequency dynamic: 25HZ — 20KHZ.
4, The spectrum is divided into 8 segments, can be customized for special needs.
5?The minimum time of response / performance: <1MS.
6, Protection of audio input with overvoltage / overcurrent.
7, Can work with jump LED strips controller.

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