The lowest voltage of LED strips-A

1 aprilie 2011

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In the following we will take 3 leds per set LED strip as an example to explain the limitation of minimum voltage of LED strips.

1, White LED: minimum driving voltage: 3 3.0 = 9V. If the input voltage of LED strip is 9V, there is no need to add a current limiting resistor. If other LED sets get damages, then it will cause the current of this group of LED increase and burn LED. However, if adding current limiting resistor, it will lower the minimum driving voltage LED, the luminous intensity and luminous effect of LED strips will be influences. Therefore, the minimum voltage of white Flexible LED strips is 12V.

2, Red LED: minimum driving voltage 1.8V, 3 1.8V = 5.4V, 6V is ok. 6-5.4V = 0.6V, you can also add 30 ohm current limiting resistor. Therefore, the minimum voltage of red LED strip is 6V.

3, Blue LED: the same as white LED strip, minimum voltage is 12V.

4, Green LED: minimum driving voltage 2.9V, 3 2.9V = 8.7V, 9V is ok. 9-8.7V = 0.3V, you can also add 15 ohm current limiting resistor. Therefore, the minimum voltage of green LED strip is 9V.

5, Yellow LED: the same as red LED strip, minimum voltageis 6V.
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