LED strip lights installed in the form

30 mai 2011

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LED strip lights installed in various forms, easy to install.

1.can be mounted on ceilings, walls and installation of surface;

2.can be suspended from the ceiling or installed below the body. When embedded in a white ceiling, the whole ceiling was one color, very beautiful, clean, coordination;

LED panel lamp uses wideband voltage design (AC100-240V/50-60Hz), can be used in the world; high-power LED(flexible led strips) with isolated power supplies, constant current or constant voltage drive, power supply, high efficiency, no pollution to the power, performance, stability, security Reliable;

LED panel lamp is similar to the LCD TV backlight technology, a new type of surface light source, light and soft, pleasing in appearance, has been widely favored by European and American businessmen, a large number of foreign investors in buy good quality, good service, good prices and supply panel lights products Business;

LED strip lights seem just a simple lighting models, but because of its high market position determines the quality of this product the customer the most demanding, with the product itself related to materials, optical, structural, metal, electronic and other A field, the company usually does not complete development team and enough experience in the development and subsequent supply chain management capabilities, can not really developed, combined with knowledge of the market demand is not clear, so a lot of development costs in return on invested just a customer Does not endorse products.

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